Friday, October 27, 2017

The "Photoshop" website launches the great artworks of Egyptian designer

The "Photoshop" website launches the great artworks of Egyptian designer

The creations and ideas of the Egyptian designer Ahmed Nabil (24 years) appeared in his great artwork, which has won the admiration of a lot of people, and it will appear on the main face of the "Photoshop " program in 2018, which is the largest design program in the world.

He gained the idea of this artwork during watching a video displays the moment of balloon explosion which was full of the watercolor. To find his brain encodes what he saw from the video to that great work. So he designed a distinctive visual project which is unfamiliar to the eye.

The Egyptian designer Ahmed Nabil says that " Wars explosions are full of blood, pains, desolation, and sadness, while art explosions must be full of colors, happiness, joy, and vitality. So the message of Nabil to the world is " publish what brings the happiness, joy, optimism, and life to everyone sees your artwork.
Then he says " I want to see everyone smiling when their eyes fell on my art projects", and that was the elegant message of the art from the point of view and belief of the Egyptian designer Ahmed Nabil.

Ahmed Nabil has started work in the design field since the January revolution in 2011, and from that time his experience is increasing day after day. He has worked at many companies such as ( Samsung, Fanta, and Fern), and that increased his experiences and hobby in the design field until the "Photoshop" company took his global rights of publishing .

The Egyptian designer published his project which called "Particle Explosions" in April 2017, which won the admiration of a lot of people on "Behance" website, and also on the social media.
 then his project has been used by many other designers in their works.

The design has been adopted in many of "Behance" exhibitions, including the "Photoshop" exhibitions, and that happened within two weeks of publishing his artwork.   

And because of his fame which obtained through his dazzling work, "Photoshop Creative" magazine , which is the largest magazine in the design field in the world , wrote an article about his art project in the edition 155 of the magazine, and that was done in July , and then the "Creative chair" blogger published another article about him.

Then He said " I was proud of what I has achieved, but the largest surprised was the Adobe correspondent with me in September because of the company's interest in licensing my artwork to use it on their website for the new version of "Photoshop CC 2018" and also at the advertising of the product, to be the only Arabic man on the website , and the second one generally after the genius artist "Amr El-Shami".

The Egyptian designer hoped his work would be an inspirational source for the other designers to take from it their ideas to spread the happiness and love to the audiences 
 through their artworks.

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