Thursday, November 30, 2017

New Pinterest update lets you organize and tidy up your ideas

Pinterest is the best place for users looking to plan large-scale projects, such as selling clothes, designing a home or even moments in our daily lives such as a wedding or birthday. Now the Pinterest is looking to make it easier by introducing a more powerful way to keep those ideas and Make it tidy.

The company said today it offers so-called sections, which give users a wider way to put their ideas - such as weddings and other events. These types of big events can turn out to be huge, very expensive life moments, and the Pinterest definitely wants to be the place where we keep all these memories.

It says it was the most demanding feature at all times, and this is probably for big reason. Pinterest explained psychology based on arranging things and keeping things organized in one spot. So adding another abstraction layer to the process of holding onto everything on the palette makes a lot of sense for a subset of users who are more aggressive about keeping their ideas in some logical flow.

If you are planning a wedding, for example, there are many things separate. You may think about the place of your wedding or what you want to wear or make arrangements for flowers and what to do. In large events where you want to dive immediately into search and destroy mode, such as a wedding party - especially those you want to engage friends - having a central hub for everything makes you organized and calm.

Motion Hatch helps freelance motion designers and animators to run successful companies

International designer Hailey Akins produced animation for nine years. She worked as a motion designer at Google's video agency, Across the pond, for four years, before jumping into a risky life as a freelancer. She has been running her own business for three years, with one of her personal projects including Bingomation, and she has just started an online learning center for independent animation designers to teach motion graphic and animation.

With strong goals to facilitate the community in her field while providing useful and helpful business and hosting her own podcast twice a week, Hayley created Motion Hatch. 

Instead of focusing on the creative process of motion graphics, Motion Hatch offers training materials, resources and "ins and outs from the business side of motion design". 

There is a lack of business advice and resources available to motion designers and animators, said Hailey, who hopes Motion Hatch can open talks on pricing, contracts and brands. On Facebook she also started an online community. 

The Hatch website has launched with these goals as a starting point, and she felt it has been the most valuable for motion graphics designers.

“I wish I had learned to be more confident in my abilities," Haily says. "It’s easy to feel like an you aren’t good enough or don’t belong and I think that stopped me going freelance for a long time. When I went freelance I wish I had access to a larger community of people who could help me with any questions I had." 

The Hatch is currently designed for motion designers and animators. As it is the best part in Hayley's experience, but a number of painters and sound designers also have an advantage over this website and they talked about it and also found their business in it. "I also interviewed accountants and lawyers about best practices that are certainly beneficial to the entire creative industry. We are not just talking about freelancers but talking about all aspects of professional life," she says. 

Hayley's submission to Bingomation – an online collaborative project

Expect to know what customers should be charged, whether you must have a contract and if you must be a freelance brand or studio on a semi-weekly podcast, featuring Joey Cornman of the Movement School, Liliane Darmono to face inequality as a woman and minority And Magos for being an illustrator.

It took eight months to produce the Motion Hatch website, and then three months for registration and launch it.

"For the time being I will be running my animation business as normal working on commercial projects. I do hope in the future that Motion Hatch will be my full time job so that I can really help the industry move forward with the problems we face at the moment," Hailey says.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Wacom has announced the release of its Pro Pen 3D

Wacom has announced the release of its pro Pen 3D – a digital pen with new control options (an extra button) in particular designed to make your workflow less difficult within 3D programs and apps along with ZBrush and Maya. The pen is designed for use on a Wacom MobileStudio pro, Cintiq pro or the Intuos pro (2017 model), but can be used with any windows or Mac application. it may nonetheless be used within 2d applications as well.

The pro Pen 3-D has a third button (the pro-Pen 2 only has two) for innovative experts working in game design, animation, VFX, VR and AR, 2dand 3D art and industrial design. Wacom says the three-button stylus was designed particularly for digital artists and designers who regularly need to navigate 3D objects and design from many angles and views.

Customizable buttons

Customizable buttons All 3 buttons can be customized to pan, zoom, left-click on, right-click for menus and tumble (rotate in three-D) – among different functions you choose – while sculpting or enhancing a 3D model or prototyping within apps inclusive of Pixologic’s ZBrush or Autodesk’s Maya. users can manage their work while not having to touch a keyboard, says Wacom. 
The extra button manipulates have been set to tumbling and rotation. however, the function of all 3 buttons at the pro-Pen 3D may be customized through the default settings, so as an example, you could use the first button to trade a version's rotation, the second one to pan or zoom and the third for right-clicking on menus.


functions along the three buttons (that have distinct shapes for tactile and visual differentiation), the Wacom Pro Pen 3D has a slightly thinner grip close to the top of the pen for comfort and doesn’t have an eraser. WA m has chosen now not to include an eraser on the end of this pen because most 3D apps require specific selection of three-D elements to so that you can be erased, so it’s better to use a slender pen tip in place of a physical eraser.
most programs provide an eraser or undo tool, and users of the pro-Pen 3D can choose to set one button to Eraser if preferred.
As you can see right here, one button has been placed toward the nib for easier get entry to and usefulness. The pen's outside consists of an aluminum barrel.

3D Function Support

To use the Pro Pen 3D you’ll need a v6 3.25 Wacom tablet driver, or a later version, and the latest Wacom Firmware. you could check that you have those within the Wacom desktop center notification. The Wacom pro-Pen 3-d isn't well suited with previous Wacom (Pre-GD16) tablets, shows or pen computers.

despite the fact that the pro-Pen 3Dworks will all applications, the brand new precise features of pan, zoom, and tumble can emulate the app’s pan, zoom and tumble inside the following 3D applications:

Pixologic ZBrush
Pixologic ZBrush Core
Dassault Systèmes
Autodesk Fusion 360
Autodesk Maya
Autodesk Maya LT
Autodesk Inventor
Autodesk Alias Design
Autodesk Alias Surface
Autodesk Alias Autostudio
Autodesk 3D Studio Max
Autodesk Mudbox
Maxon Cinema 4D
Foundry Modo
*SolidWorks 2017 & older: unselect “Use Windows Ink” on the Mapping tab.

Pricing & availability

Priced at US$99.90, €109.90, £89.90, the Pro Pen 3D is available later this month and select retailers.

Black Friday offers for Designers & Artists: Prints, Books, T-shirts & more

look at these Black Friday offers which aren't software, apps or laptops and tablets. Let your eyes look at on bright prints from East End Prints, books from Laurence King and T-shirts from Made by Folk among other awesome Christmas gift ideas and home decor – and the best part? You get to save some of your hard-earned cash 
without having to trawl through thousands of deals yourself.

Head to our Black Friday deals roundup for designers and artists along with discounts on Apple, Wacom, Microsoft, Corel, Adobe and more, or head to our sister websites Macworld or Tech advisor to continue finding the best offers from our specialists.

Carne Griffiths

Get 20 percent off all of the clearly lovely prints, at the Crane Griffiths webstore however, ensure you get in quick as some have sold out already.

Made by Folk

Made by folk has up to 40 percent off all its incredible type, illustration, photographic and youngsters prints and T-shirts – with free international shipping – finishing November 27.
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Martina Flor

Berlin-based hand lettering artist Martina Flor is offering 25 percent on all products throughout the weekend (until November 27) from her online store. Just use the ‘BLACKLETTER’ at the checkout.

Mr Bingo

Mr. Bingo has been tweeting frantically about his Black Friday special all remaining night time and this morning – ‘all prices UP 25 percent’ from his online store.

Laurence King

Take your thoughts off tech for a second and observe Laurence King’s beautiful books. All (sure all) of Laurence King’s books, games or presents have 35 percent.
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East End Prints

Get 20 percent off East End prints online (excluding special edition collection) until November 26 with the agency’s ‘colorful week’ offers, rather than
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Mesh Studio

To rejoice the discharge of Marcelina Amelia’s now not today Snake modern collection on her online shop Mesh Studio, there’s 15 percent off the whole lot, inclusive of T-shirts, prints, posters, homeware and more. just use the code ‘Meshy’.

Cass Art

Get 20 percent off everything online at Cass Art for five days using the code ‘OFFER20’.
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This is a Limited Edition

Get 25 percent off everything at This is a Limited Edition using the code 'Black Friday', including art prints and canvases and products including T-shirts, clothing, and pillows.

Don't Forget to be Awesome

Don't Forget to be Awesome an online store promoting an entire variety of posters, shirts, song and different crafty items, installation via none aside from the new york instances bestselling creator John inexperienced. 
keep up to 50 percent off decided on gadgets, and 20 percent off the whole thing else.


Saturday, November 25, 2017

640$ million today for Adobe, the largest online shopping day in history!

Even that many shoppers prefer to go to malls in person, this year the online shoppers increased 18% percent than the last years black Friday on Adobe!

Shoppers have spent $640 million online today from 10 a.m. ET, up to 18.4 percent from last year, according to Adobe Analytics. Adobe tracks 80 percent of online transactions at the top 100 U.S. retailers.
The strong start to Black Friday continues what has already been a strong online shopping season, buttressed by a strong stock market and consumer confidence. 
In each of the first 22 days of November more than $1 billion in revenue was rung up online, according to Adobe.
On Thanksgiving evening, up until 5 p.m. ET, shoppers spent more than $1.52 billion, up 16.8 percent according to adobe

Today is expected by the data tracker to be the largest online shopping day in history, with an expected $6.6 billion in sales. In all, online holiday spending is expected to generate $107 billion in sales, an increase of 14 percent.



Friday, November 24, 2017

The art vinyl competition 2017's best album covers

“Art Vinyl is an annual award that began in 2005. It celebrates artists and designers of vinyl record cover art The nomination process begins in November and the winners are announced in January, and are exhibited at venues across the United Kingdom an

d Europe. The favorites are voted for by the public from a selection of nominations by judges within the world of art and music and are displayed using Art Vinyl's unique Play & Display Flip Frame.”

Every year art vinyl launches the Best Art Vinyl competition which searches for best album covers that are creative and well designed to celebrates.
Most of the covers are created by music industry design experts and the Art Vinyl winners, the surprise is that you can now vote online for the 3 best designs in your opinion.

This year you can vote for the record covers of artists such as Lorde, Beck, Katy Perry, Queens of the Stone Age and Calvin Harris.

Album: Gorillaz, Humanz

"The humble vinyl record has not only bucked consumer trends, it has created them, and the artwork has been a major factor in this increased popularity," says Best Art Vinyl founder Andrew Heeps.
"In 2017 I’ve often wondered, what is the motivation for people when buying new vinyl, the art or the music or probably both. It is therefore the sleeve design that becomes the visual expression and identity for the music contained within."

Album: Beck, Colours

Album: Lorde, Melodrama

Album: Circa Waves, Different Creatures

Album: Run the Jewels, Run the Jewels 3

Album: Temples, Volcano

Album: Soulwax, From Deewee

Album: Pixx, The Age of Anxiety 

Album: Keymono, Anthology