Friday, November 24, 2017

The art vinyl competition 2017's best album covers

“Art Vinyl is an annual award that began in 2005. It celebrates artists and designers of vinyl record cover art The nomination process begins in November and the winners are announced in January, and are exhibited at venues across the United Kingdom an

d Europe. The favorites are voted for by the public from a selection of nominations by judges within the world of art and music and are displayed using Art Vinyl's unique Play & Display Flip Frame.”

Every year art vinyl launches the Best Art Vinyl competition which searches for best album covers that are creative and well designed to celebrates.
Most of the covers are created by music industry design experts and the Art Vinyl winners, the surprise is that you can now vote online for the 3 best designs in your opinion.

This year you can vote for the record covers of artists such as Lorde, Beck, Katy Perry, Queens of the Stone Age and Calvin Harris.

Album: Gorillaz, Humanz

"The humble vinyl record has not only bucked consumer trends, it has created them, and the artwork has been a major factor in this increased popularity," says Best Art Vinyl founder Andrew Heeps.
"In 2017 I’ve often wondered, what is the motivation for people when buying new vinyl, the art or the music or probably both. It is therefore the sleeve design that becomes the visual expression and identity for the music contained within."

Album: Beck, Colours

Album: Lorde, Melodrama

Album: Circa Waves, Different Creatures

Album: Run the Jewels, Run the Jewels 3

Album: Temples, Volcano

Album: Soulwax, From Deewee

Album: Pixx, The Age of Anxiety 

Album: Keymono, Anthology

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