Sunday, November 19, 2017

"Easle" Says goodbye to agency fees!

This website is going to make it easy for you as a freelancer to deal with massive brands without needing an agent or to participate fake and exploitative competitions.

So this digital platform is seeking to provide an alternative to the traditional organization- talent version, and its clients now encompass Penguin, global advertising agency Ogilvy, and Netflix.

With the rise of independent and freelance graphic designers, photographers, illustrators and other creatives across the globe, it’s becoming harder for a handful of large agencies or recruitment firms to represent everyone. In fact, freelancers now contribute more than £20 billion to the UK creative economy. That’s the reason of a new democratized digital platform, – which pairs creatives with clients without the trouble of an organization – has obtained large funding and support from London digital product studio ustwo and Ian Hambleton of Studio Output among other enterprise leaders.

And now The UK  provides an online service for its customer list (already over 200), who can search, negotiate, brief, create contracts and pay creative freelancers from the whole world, which make the deal between employer and freelancer easier and less expensive – to maintain “a high caliber of talent.”

It’s been effectively trialed with illustrators, and with the invested monetary help, will look to enlarge the platform to encompass graphic design, animation, photography, and videography.

This website is designed to “fill the space among online marketplaces which provide low quality and cost, and traditional marketers offering a small group of artists at a high fee.” To attain this intention, the community of talent is curated by leading innovative industry figures inclusive of Claudine O’Sullivan who've sponsored the start-up in £450,000 seeds investment.This means post investment funding values the company at £2 million.

In addition to increasing the artist base, the investment will help to boost an app, and long-term goals including providing equipment to support the lifestyle of businesses and freelancers, like dealing with price range and accounts, and flexible working time.

It started the last yr among founders Nick Gubbins and Scott wooden, who noticed a difficulty with negative freelance platforms and sellers taking large cuts. This relationship has been amplified with the “burgeoning creative freelance network”, as Easle describes it. Easle has been created so freelancers can share their work, at the same time as allowing clients to browse for inspiration, or to book, pay and manipulate the manner of a commissioned project.

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