Sunday, November 12, 2017

The New Dropbox visual identity attracts anger, confusion and criticism!

Bright and colorful New Logo and Identity that make the biggest change in Dropbox decade of history, Dropbox is known as the best file storage company.

Dropbox published a blog post under the tagline: "The world needs your creative energy" stating the new logo and identity design that was inspired by the creative work of its customers. They said that the new brand identity will roll out on the coming few days on its website and products.

The new designs includes a bright new colours, new typography, illustrations and collaboration with artists,a squished Sharp Grotesk typeface, and a new logo rather than a simple blue and white literal box, "to show that Dropbox is an open platform, and a place for creation".

Someone posted "Whoever came up with this horrid icon colour update?" asked another user, while others shared images of flashing colours to express their dislike of the new identity.

According to Dropbox creative director Aaron Robbs and vice president of design Nicholas Jitkoff, the redesign is intended to show that the Dropbox is "a living workspace that brings teams and ideas together our new design system is built on the idea that extraordinary things happen when diverse minds come together," and  added that “We communicate this visually by pairing contrasting colours, type, and imagery to show what's possible when we bring ideas together in unexpected ways."

"Our new system lets us pick the right amount of expressiveness for the situation," he added. "Colour can go from a standard Dropbox blue to 'whoa'."


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